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        1. About Us

          Shandong Rongyue Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Zibo City, Shandong Province, China. Founded in 2003, the company has successively got the dealership of Shandong ACID Chemicals Group, Hualu-Hengsheng Holding Group, Yankuang Group Corporation and we have established long-term cooperation relationships with many large-scale pharmaceutical chemical enterprises in China. We have high reputation and popularity. The company mainly engages in operation and production of methylamine, formic acid, acetic acid and other products and the annual sales volume of monemethylamine, dimethylamine and trimethylamine TMA is more than 10 thousand tons, annual sales volume of formic acid, acetic anhydride is more than 10 thousand tons, the annual sales volume of other products is more than 5000 tons.

          Our products are also exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and other more than 10 countries and regions. The company is equipped with professional dangerous article transportation vehicle, including: 10 sets of liquid tankers, 3 sets of liquefied gas dedicated vehicles, 3 sets of ordinary dangerous article dedicated vehicles, and complete warehouse facility. We have sufficient supply, reliable quality and prompt delivery, all staff members sincerely welcome old and new customers to visit us for mutual development and creating bright future!


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